2016 North Dice - review

The North Dice 2016 third edition, 


Unpacking a kite is always nice, the smell of the fresh fabric, the flashbacks of tricks you want to do with the new toy. The bright pink is facing us with a blue tip, a great combination, vey lady like aswell, a great colour contrast especially at Zanzibar with the bright blue and green colours.



On the beach

The kite seams to have a slightly deeper profile with bigger wingtips then before. The finishing is what we expected from North a well made kite with the same quality as before. The valve is re-done completely, this is what you feel directly when you screw on the cap. The bag is missing the long sleave for the inflated struts, for us thats is not handy at all.

North Dice 2016

On the water

The dice feels very familiar, I described this as a sort of old-school feeling, back in the days. It challenges you do do directly all the tricks you want to do, direct feedback, improved hang-time and good low-end.


Great pop for freestyle kiting with a serious hangtime for your oldschool moves. In the waves it's quick with good drifting abilities. A great Cross-over kite if you can't choose

We like it a lot.

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