Hydro Foil kiteboarding a hype?

Hydro foil a hype?

More and more you see the hydro foil on the water. With light wind they float over the ocean, with hardly any resistance effortless gliding...

When everybody wonder to pump a 16m and hope it's good, the foilers smile, take a 12 or 10 and there they go.hydro foil zanzibar 

Foiling is different then kiteboarding on a twintip or surfboard, you hear no sound, hardly anything, you hear watter dripping into the water from your shorts, the wispering from the kite, the wind. A completely different feeling. The first times I went it was like you get into trance, focused on your hight level and suddenly you are far out, time to turn, time stood still for a little while. After the session the foil smile on your face and looking forward again for not too much windy days, a strange new thought....

So a hype, we don't think so, we think the next years you will see them more and more around, don't invest in a huge kite but in a hydo foil instead.

Here on Zanzibar, a great place to learn, practise and go. We offer Foil courses and hydro foil rentals. The minimum requirements are a good to intermediate kiter with god kitecontrole. We offer a balanced designed Foil course of 5 hours.

Come and try yourself.




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