Kitesurf courses

Kite courses  

Do you want to LEARN kite surfing, or do you want to IMPROVE your level?
From beginners to expert riders we can help you to learn the sport or teach you the latest tricks.

See below what we have to offer:

Intro Kite boarding course, group

 (introduction 3h)


End skills: Kite controle | body drag

IKO Level 1    IKO-levels

PLay video

(incl. Full equipment)

110 €

Full Beginner kite course, group

 (our standard beginner course 9h)

End skills: Independent beginner | waterstart

IKO Level 2    IKO-levels

PLay video

(incl. Full equipment)

290 €

Full Beginner week pack, group

 (full course (9h) + 3 days half days shared rental 

End skills: Independent beginner | riding

IKO Level 2/3 IKO-levels

PLay video

(incl. Full equipment)

390 €


Refreshing course (2h) group

 (when it has been a while,

 or did a course before)                   


End skills: Kite controll | waterstart | stay upwind      

IKO Level 2/3 IKO-levels

PLay video

(incl. Full equipment)

110 €

Intermediate course (2h) group

 (continueing making progress)

End skills: Staying upwind | transitions | first jumps

IKO Level 2/3 IKO-levels

PLay video

(incl. Full equipment)

110 €

Pro-lessons (2h)  group                       

 (tricks or wave)

End skills: Tricks on request                                

IKO Level 3+ IKO-levels

PLay video

(incl. Full equipment)

110 €

Private Lesson (1h)

For all levels


( incl Full Equipment)

75 €

*Most Lessons are group lessons, when your alone in a group the total time will be reduced

*with a lesson all material is included (kite+bar, board, harness & helmet)


Intro beginners' kite course       (3 hours)

We offer an introduction beginners' course for who wants to learn kite surfing but first taste the sport before continuing with the full course.

This course starts with the focus on flying the kite. First you practice on the beach and later in the water. On the beach we will teach you; setting up the kite, the power of the kite, reaction of the kite, theory, landing and launching. We have several helpful and fun exercises to get the necessary control.  After that we go in the water with the big inflatable kite where you will practice; steering/controlling the kite, safety releases, bodydragging….
After 3 hours you will get a pretty good idea if you really want to learn kitesurfing and you can decide to continue with the next 6 hours.
After setting up the inflatable kite we go in the water for exercises like steering, safety release, and finish with a body-drag.
If you like it so far, you can go on and really learn to ride ...take 6 more hours and go for the full beginners' course.      

Full beginners' kite course      ( 3x3)

We offer a full kite boarding course for who really wants to learn kite boarding. After the course in most cases you will be able to continue practicing on your own. 

After the first 3 hours, with the 6 hours left we will focus on and teach you; more kite controlling skills like body dragging, walking with kite & board, more safety procedures like water re-launching start. The goal is to get you on the board and make your first few meters. In most cases after you finish the full beginners' course, you can rent gear and and get out there under the supervision of an instructor.
The other 6 hours we will focus on using your kiteflying skills, bodydragging, walking with the kite & board, to get you up on the board and ride. We do different exercises like water relaunching and safety procedures.     
Main Goals: controlling the kite / getting on the board /  be able to practice on your own. After this course most students are able to rent gear under supervision of an instructor.

We use the IKO way of teaching, to get to level 2 you need to be able to show us the required skills.

Refresher lessons

For those who had a lesson in the past or didn't kite for a while, we offer a refresher course.
In this lesson we start at the beginning, but will make quick steps and see what YOU need in order to progress to your next level and continue from there. (in a group it's 2 hours)

Advanced kite course 

We offer an Advanced course for who wants to learn more techniques on every kite level.
This course is for those who are able to stay upwind and want to learn tricks to bring themselves to the next level.
What we teach you: basic jumps, smooth transitions, jumping transition, basic rotations and so on...
Here the COOLEST part of kite surfing begins... You can book by the hour and get lessons from our experts.
What else do we have to offer?

-Wave sessions (with wave or directional board) with or without straps.                   



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