Kite Storage & Service

Because many hotels are not close or next to the best kite area you can store your kite material with us.

We made special storage boxes for you directly on the kite spot, for which you will get your own lock, and so can be the first or last one on the water!


Service / Facilities 

checkbox3 landing / launching (free / tip)

checkbox3 washing facilities (DIY, or tip)

checkbox3 pumps (DIY free or tip)

checkbox3 packdown area (DIY free or tip)

checkbox3 launch area, with best view over the kite spot (free)

checkbox3 latest music (free)

checkbox3 Repair service 

* DIY = Do it yourself



 1 day      7€
 1 week  30€
 2 weeks    50€



 1 day      7€
 1 week  30€
 2 weeks    50€
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