Frequently asked questions

How to get to Zanzibar

Zanzibar is an island just off the Tanzanian coast. Dar Es Salaam is a big city on the mainland and also a good place to fly to first.

The flight from DAR to ZNZ is around 70$ oneway, you can check airlines like:

  • Coastal Air
  • Zan Air
  • Precision Air

or take one of the ferries for around 35$ oneway

International airlines to DAR or directly to ZNZ are:

    • KLM (ZNZ and Dar)
    • Ethiopian Air
    • Jetairfly (Brussels)
    • Swiss (to Dar)
      • Condor (Lufthansa)
      Emirates (to Dar)

Kenian Air

      Britisch Air Turkish Air (to Dar)

What is the best time to come to ZNZ?

Zanzibar is a good place to visit all year round.

Even in the rainy season the island is a great place. It's not raining 24-7, the island is quiet and great for diving.

For kitesurfing: 

Beginners that want to learn the sport can come almost all year round, except for April and November.


For the experienced kiters that want to kite for sure, the windy season starts from end-May until end of September and from end of December until February.


Also see Kite conditions in the menu for more info.

I want to bring my own gear, what do I need?

The most used sizes are 9 &12 m, in combination with a 135 board for a 75 kg person.

Don't forget your rashguard, suncream, glasses

How far out is the reef?

The reef is approx 1-2 km away from the beach, depending on the spot, more north it's getting closer.

Between beach and reef the water is shallow. Because the tide changes, the water is changing from empty up to 2,5 meter deep, depending on the moon position. Full moon causes very low and very high water.

How to get around on Zanzibar

Zanzibar island is not that big. It's around 90 km long and 50 wide.

There are three options to get around:

  • Taxi, to Paje it's around 50$ from Stonetown, this is for 4 people, or a minivan up to 8.
  • Sharing taxi, leaves from the old fort around 13.00 to most popular places, it's around 10$ a person
  • Dala dala, leaves from the market area, to Paje it's 2000Tsh

Can I just rent kite gear?

To rent kitesurf gear you need to know how to stay upwind (come back at the same point where you started). Or you have attended a full kiteboarding course from one of our instructors or a refresher course, so we know your skills.

How are the conditions?

The conditions are normally perfect during the season. 

The reef protects the inside waters, so the lagoon inside the reef is flat, shallow knee-deep water, perfect for beginners and experts. On the reef itself are some amazing waves, perfect reef breaks for endless sessions.

The wind is always side-onshore, in July from south-east and in December from north-east.

Normally you will ride with a 9 to 12m kite.


How to pay

The only ATM's are in Stonetown, so you have to bring cash, Traveller checks are NOT accepted !

We do have a creditcard machine (+5%) Maestro / Visa

The best is to book in advance, in order to guarantee availabilty see "make a booking" (of course, no wind return)


On the island there is Malaria, so if you come for a short visit or visit also the mainland, don't hesitate to take your pills.


I am here since 2006 and stay most of the time on the coast and don't use any pills, because on the coast the malaria mosquitos are not common.