Hotels in Zanzibar on the beach

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We give you a breakdown of the best hotels in Zanzibar on the beach.

A breakdown of the best hotels in Zanzibar around the kite spot in Paje Beach

Are you looking the best hotels in Zanzibar on the beach? would you like to book an unforgettable holiday on the white coast of Zanzibar, and wake up next to the blue ocean every day? Are you not quite sure where to go, and you would like to compare some places? If that’s the case keep reading! Since we started Kite Centre Zanzibar over 10 years ago, we know all the good spots and are more than willing to share our knowledge with you!

Different kind of hotels on the beach in Zanzibar

There are many nice hotels on the kite spot and a bit further inland. Laid-back, surf-friendly hotels, guesthouses, bars, and restaurants in Paje and the surrounding villages of Bwejuu and Jambiani. Nightlife is great in Paje and there are plenty of options to chill out and relax. Zanzibar offers something for everybody, whether in local style thatched beach huts or deluxe private villas and resorts.

Here is an indication of the price levels around Paje: 
Dorm Bed, < 50$ (usually not right on the beach)
Cheap places, 50 – 70$  (usually not right on the beach)
Basic, 70 – 100$ (guesthouses/hotels) 
Middle class, 100 – 250$ (guesthouses/hotels) 
Luxury class, 250 -500$ + (luxury hotels) 
Exclusive, 500+ (exclusive boutique hotels) 
All these price indications are based on 2 person including breakfast. 

We compared some of the best hotels in Zanzibar, according to us, for you.

The Kahawa Suites (Luxury hotel)

Newly built right on the kitespot on Paje Beach are the Kahawa Suites. The hotel offers 3 amazing luxurious suites with a seaview. The suites are built by native craftsmen using local materials. A stay at the Kahawa Suites offers more than a home away from home, it offers a luxurious getaway with unbeatable views of the beach.


The location of the Suites are secluded, yet in the Heart of Paje where you can simply walk downstairs, pick up your kite and go kitesurfing if you see that the conditions are good. 
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Kahawa Suites

The Kahawa Waterfront Hotel Zanzibar 

This hotel is right on the beach in Paje. All the rooms are spacious, freshly refurbished with ensuite bathrooms and a modern Swahili-style look. With a big pool, breakfast with a view, air-conditioned rooms and free wifi. 


The Kahawa Waterfront is situated in Paje, right on the beach, next to Mr Kahawa and the Kite Centre. 
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the waterfront zanzibar hotel


Zanzibar is a good place to visit all year round. Even in the rainy season the island is a great place. It’s not raining the whole day, the island is quiet and great for diving for example. Check the activitites you can do besides kitesurfing here

However, if you come to Zanzibar for kitesurfing, the best time of year is year-round except from April and November. The best months for beginners are from mid-June until mid-October and the mid-December until mid-March. The best months for experts are from mid-June until mid-September and the end of December until the end of February.  

While the above listed time-frames are the norm, variations do occur. Therefore we do recommend you to check the wind history on the island. Read more about the opening hours of the Kite Centre, wind and kite conditions on Zanzibar in our FAQ.

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