Can you recommend accommodation?


Yes, definitely! We think we have the perfect place for you, find out more


Can you recommend accommodation?


Yes, definitely! We think we have the perfect place for you. It’s called Mr. Kahawa, and it is located right next to our school. Feel free to check the website: to get an impression.

Mr. Kahawa has multiple options to choose from, so we're confident that you will find accommodation to your liking.

Kitesurfing & Mr. Kahawa 

If you choose to stay at Mr. Kahawa and you combine it with kitesurfing at the Kite Centre, we have good news for you! When booking your stay, you will receive a code from Mr. Kahawa that will give you a free Kite Centre Zanzibar lycra!

Food & drinks

Mr. Kahawa Lofts and Café & Restaurant are located on the first row in the center of Paje Beach, in the heart where it all happens. Accommodations right above the Indian Ocean, a lounge area underneath the almond tree, and a workspace with free wifi on the beach. Mr. Kahawa suits all kinds of travelers and all kinds of budgets.

Made with an abundant bunch of love, Mr. Kahawa Café & Restaurant offers food that nurtures body and soul, and does not forget the taste buds! From grilled seafood platters, fresh salads, and spicy curries to avocado toasts and sweet potato gnocchi. Mr. Kahawa has something to offer for any kind of foodie! You will find the best food with the best local, fresh ingredients and, naturally, the best coffee in Zanzibar. ''Kahawa'' means Coffee in Swahili, so expect the coffee to be good!⁠

⁠For the best drinks and views, check out Mr. Kahawa's cocktails and spirits bar! It's conveniently located between our Kite Centre and Mr. Kahawa. The perfect place to enjoy a well-earned drink after your session!

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