Do you provide lessons in different languages?


Our main language is English , but we have a very versitile team, Dutch, German, French and Turkish speaking instructors


Do you provide lessons in different languages?


Most of the time, yes! If you choose to come during the high season, we will have a variety of languages spoken to choose from.

December till March & June till September

This is the high season in Zanzibar. During this period, we have an international team with instructors from all over the world. The languages we can offer (please note, this is usually the case, exceptions are possible) are English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish & Swahili.

Low season

During the low season, the options are more limited, since our team isn't as big as during the high season. Most lessons will be done in English (or Swahili in case you can speak it) in the low season. We can offer some lessons in Dutch and Turkish (depending on availability), but most of the lessons are done in English.

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