Do you offer activities besides kite surfing?


We do! You have a couple of options to do in Zanzibar besides kitesurfing


Do you offer activities besides kite surfing?


We do!

You have a couple of options to do in Zanzibar besides kitesurfing. If you like to do activities in- or around the water, we have some options for you!

Mangrove SUP Tour

Join us on this unique mangrove SUP tour. The tour will take you through the spectacular mangrove forest of a nearby village. The tour will be guided by our enthusiastic local guides that grew up in the village, so they can tell you everything you need to know about the mangroves.⁠ ⁠The tour includes fresh fruit and water and transport from and to your required destination. ⁠To make a booking, go to our website and click ''book now'' and select the SUP Tour.

SUP rental Paje

Besides the amazing Mangrove SUP Tour, which is a must-do whilst in Zanzibar, we also offer SUP rental in front of our school. When the water is high enough for the fins to navigate through the water, the SUP offers you a unique and beautiful view of the spot with all the palm trees in the background. Once you paddle a bit out of shore and turn around, you'll be amazed by the views that the SUP can offer.

Wing Foiling

Have you tried Wing Foiling yet? This exciting new sport is taught at our kite school. In case you have experience already, you can rent equipment to wing foil with us! ⁠You don't need to be a kitesurfer to start with wing foiling, as you hold a wing instead of a kite.

Zanzibar offers an amazing wing-foiling spot, with a flat water lagoon in front of amazing reef break waves! No matter your level, Zanzibar will challenge you!

Want to know more about wing foiling? read our blog post HERE (LINK TO BLOG)

Other tours & activities

Hungry for more? Let us help you plan an unforgettable holiday. We have a dedicated information desk at the reception of Mr. Kahawa where we can help you with inside knowledge of the best tours and activities to do on the island. In addition to information, let us book and provide the tours for you as well. All you have to do is show up to the reception, and we will arrange everything, like the tour, but also transportation to and from the tour.

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