Do you offer Wing Foil?


Yes, we do lessons and rentals


Do you offer Wing Foil?


Kite Centre Zanzibar, the perfect place for wing foil lessons

To learn wing foil you need stable wind with flat water. In the lagoon, we have these perfect conditions to learn fast and safely. In case you can't stay upwind, the side-onshore wind will blow you back to the beach.

Is learning to wing foil difficult?

To learn wing foiling you need, like most sports, time to master the little things. Overall in a few hours, you will manage to stand up, and after a little more time you will be able to fly above the water. 

Wing hydrofoil rentals for more advanced surfers

For wing foiling, you don't need to be a kitesurfer, since you hold a wing instead of a kite. If you have experience in windsurfing you will find that wing foiling is quite similar, meaning the progress will likely be faster. Don't worry if you have no experience with windsurfing or kite surfing, wing foiling is for everybody and everybody can learn and try it.

Duotone wing with Fanatic foil, the perfect combination!

To teach you we have the best combination to learn with by using the best brands on the market, Duotone and Fanatic. We have a dedicated quiver for our lessons, and once you're able to fly we have a dedicated quiver for our rental customers as well. This way, no matter your level or conditions, you will get the best fit possible for your needs!

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