Do I need a Visa for Zanzibar?


Yes you need a visa to enter zanzibar, find more info here


Do I need a Visa for Zanzibar


Yes, you need a Visa to enter Zanzibar. This visa is a tourist Visa

Yes. To visit Zanzibar you need a tourist visa, this is valid for 3 months.
You don’t have to arrange this beforehand! It’s easy to collect the visa upon your arrival on the airport of Zanzibar or Dar es Salaam. The costs of the visa are $50,-.  Best to take a credit card for the payment!
alternatively you can organise upfront online a Visa, that will safe a bit of time waiting in line.

It works as follows, upon arrival on the airport you fill out a form or 2 with your details and where you are staying. Have you booked your accommodation yet on the kitespot at the Kahawa Suites? After this you go to the office where you pay the fee of $50,- (paying with creditcard is possible). After one final passport check and stamp you are welcome in Zanzibar! Karibu Sana!

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