Where can I see the prices?


You can find our prices in the bookings widget when you click: book now


Where can I see the prices?


The easiest way to make a booking is to go to our website (www.kitecentrezanzibar.com) and use the ‘book now’ button. You can find this button in the left corner of your screen.

This is the place where you can see all of our prices. We recommend booking at least 9 hours of lessons if you do the course with 2 or more people (semi-private), or booking at least 6 hours of private lessons if you do it by yourself.

If you want to book your rental, simply select the Rental category after clicking the 'book now' button.

From here, you can choose the dates and you can pay directly. To confirm a time we ask you to swing by our school or send a WhatsApp (+255 777 846 083) a day or 2 before you start your lessons or rental, so we can arrange it together.

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