Do you want to work on a tropical island?🏝 With constant warm winds everyday? Right on the beach, overlooking a flatwater lagoon? Every season we have new jobs available and we are looking for new enthousiastic people to work with.🤝 If you are interested to work with us, then we’d like to hear from you!📬

Kite Centre Zanzibar on Paje Beach is set against the stunning background of endless blue Indian Ocean, beautiful white beaches and an African village, where the pace of life hasn’t changed for over fifty years. The reef is far off-shore, after ample flat water, perfect for beginners and freestylers. The reef itself offers amazing waves for the more experienced kitesurfer. The people are curious, friendly and welcoming, but most of all they teach us what we in the fast western world lost a long time ago: Hakuna Matata (no problem in Swahili) and Pole Pole (take it slow). Therefore we believe Zanzibar is a truly unique place in the world. Combine this extreme sport with relaxing and discovering the raw beauty of this relatively untouched island.

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