Kitesurfing gear

Paje beach Zanzibar

We offer the best gear which means the best quality, by using the latest premium kitesurf material from the best high quality brands in the business.đŸ„‡

We are connected with the FANATIC BOARDERS CENTER that stands for the highest quality and service. For our kites we work mainly with Duotone KITEBOARDING materials. We are a Duotone Dealer, so like what you rent; take it with on your trip along the coast line of Africa. Next to that we are a test centre for BRUNOTTI Boards. For harnesses helmets and kite jackets we use ION ESSENTIALS.

All this great equipment is for sale in our Kite & Surf Shop.đŸ€©

Why rent at KCZ?

We have the newest kites, boards and harnesses for rent. Yearly we buy a new collection and sell the old. Our kite rental gear is not in use for lessons, only for rental. We provide big brands with solid quality goods. Rent your kite gear at Kite Centre Zanzibar. Play safe and have multiple options regarding sizes and types of boards and kites. 

We have Duotone kites, boards and Brunotti boards in different sizes. We also have different wave, wing- and hydrofoil boards but these are only for experienced riders. Off course you are welcome to learn it with us on the spot. Your possibilities are endless.

If you are an Intermediate or Advanced kitesurfer you know our brands will give you the possibility to go fast, fly, jump and have loads of fun. 

  1. Gear not in use for lessons.
  2. Yearly renewed.
  3. Professionally maintained and serviced.
  4. Top brands, used by pro’s globally.

Yes that’s right. We are one of the only kitesurf schools at Paje Beach, if not; the only one, who uses it’s rental gear only for rentals to intermediate and advanced riders.

See below what we mean. Book and come visit us to get it proven. We are that one-stop kite shop and kitesurf school who has all services well organized. Besides a team of smiling kitesurf pro’s which will always help you in the best way they can.

We aim to safeguard all our students, clients and team members. Staying safe is our number one rule in all procedures. Playing with the force of nature can be a lot of fun. Being serious about it is something that we always take into account when teaching and certifying our team members who help you at the beach and in the waters of our beautiful lagoon and reef. At the end of the day we all want to look back on our achievements, the fun and the teachings. Feeling and being safe stands at the base of all this.

If you own some kite gear you know it never comes alone. Bulky suits, boards, bags with multiple kite sizes, repair kits, pumps, etc.

Want to kitesurf for only a few weeks on Zanzibar Island? Travel light; safe on weight and extra bags, safe your back and safe Mother Nature some CO2. We’ve got you covered! Rent your gear at KCZ, we are as flexibel as your open flight tickets and travel plans.

Working on your carbon footprint? Well, if you buy a green flight seat; why not also rent gear and safe a ton of CO2? Yes; this is the greener choice and we both know it. Reduce, Re-use, Recycle; let’s do it together.



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Lounge area on the beach

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coffee bar & restaurant

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lessons & activities

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Kitesurf Rentals

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Kitesurf rentals/ per day

Book in advance and secure your sizes, lockers and gear. You'll always have the option to change to other available sizes on the spot.

All in one kitesurf facility
Newest Duotone kites
Fanatic Boards Center
Buying is an option
Rent 1 to 14 Days
Rent per day

Kitesurf, kiteboard and hydrofoil gear rentals

Next to our offering of lessons we have the kite gear you need if you are looking for top notch kitesurf rentals on the beach of Paje Zanzibar. 

We really like you to leave your gear at home. Yes, safe the planet some CO2 emissions by travel light! Walk of the airplane with just your backpack and live your life as an easy rider.  

KITES: Duotone; EVO, MONO, NEO, DICE, JUICE the latest models in sizes from 6m2 to 17m2.

BOARDS: Twin tips from Duotone sizes 133- 162 cm plus different waves & foil boards (only for experienced riders). We also have wing gear available from Fanatic.

Note that prices online are pre-booking prices! At the desk the prices are around 5-15% higher. So book in advance and secure your gear on a lower budget.


You can't buy happiness

But you can stay in our resort
And that comes pretty close.

10% DISCOUNT / On all your lessons
Stay right at the spot
Seaview lofts
Poolside apartments
Breakfast & Barista coffee
Cocktail bar and DJ's
Cultural music events
Restaurant with local food
IKO Certified Kitesurf Lessons
Newest Duotone Rentals


Give us a call, send your message or check out the FAQ. We are open from: June 1th until October 31th. and December 1th until March 31th. During these seasons the Kite Centre is opened every day from nine to six.

Secure your gear book in advance

It can be busy at Kite Centre ZanzibarđŸ”„ Especially during seasonal vacations. Please rent your gear at least one week in advance (during vacation seasons maybe even a month) and you’re good to go!🚀