Without our partners, we couldn’t have been in the place and moment where we are today.🙏 Kite Centre Zanzibar cherishes her partners and network of kite surfing enthusiasts, brands, colleagues, and all who helped us with getting a better and more professional kite surf school in Zanzibar.

Kite Centre Zanzibar Paje beach kitesurf lessons
Suntribe sunscreen dealer and partner Kite Centre Zanzibar Paje Beach Tanzania
Suntribe. The awarded sunscreen from Sweden. Stay protected against the sun on the waters of... - Duotone Kite reviews with partner Kite Centre Zanzibar
KiteFinder is the one and only shopping tool in the kite surfing industry. With thousands of...
ION Suit and gear hydro foil hydrofoil wing foil wing foil lessons Paje Beach Zanzibar Tanzania
ION Surfing Elements
Kite Centre Zanzibar works with ION Surfing Elements for our helmets, harnesses, and vests. Our...
Fanatic wing foil kitesurfing Paje Beach Zanzibar Tanzania
Fanatic Boardsports Wing Foil
Fanatic Boardsports is our partner of choice when it comes to Wing Foil boards. Fanatic...
Brunotti Boards
Brunotti Boards makes boards since '79. Kite Centre Zanzibar and Brunotti have been partners for...
Rent kitesurf gear kitesurfing rentals paje beach Zanzibar Island.
Duotone Kiteboarding
Duotone Kiteboarding is the leading kitesurf manufacturer. Kite Centre Zanzibar and Duotone have been working...

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