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Brunotti Boards makes boards since '79. Kite Centre Zanzibar and Brunotti have been partners for over a decade.

Real passion since ’79

Brunotti has been shaping custom boards since ’79. Traditionally starting with windsurfing boards, the brand grew out to make snow sport apparel, wind surfboards and kitesurfing boards. Besides boards, Brunotti also creates clothing for active surfers and boarders. Keen to find out more about the history of Brunotti? Check this link.

Kite Centre Zanzibar and Brunotti

Since the start of Kite Centre Zanzibar, we have collaborated with Brunotti Boards. This partnership has lasted for over a decade. Nowadays, as some of you know, our gear is provided by Duotone Kiteboarding. We do maintain a collaboration with Brunotti in the form of our Surf Shop offering. You will be able to find caps, board shorts, t-shirts and other items by Brunotti in our shop.

Rider Developed Product

The RDP collection was introduced to increase the technical development of the Brunotti Sportswear collection. RDP is short for Rider Developed Product. The collection contained a full range of products with technical features for active surfers and boarders.

Brunotti introduced the NMTC collection. The ever-changing weather conditions ask for practical, technical and easy gear to wear. This new collection is a total fashion collection which stands for No Matter The Conditions.

To express our passion for boardsports the Rider Developed Product (RDP) collection has been re-launched. Introducing a new range with hardware, waterwear and boards for all boardsports disciplines.

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