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Fanatic wing foil kitesurfing Paje Beach Zanzibar Tanzania


Fanatic Boardsports is our partner of choice when it comes to Wing Foil boards. Fanatic Boardsports has been making boards since '81.

Kite Centre Zanzibar and Fanatic Boardsports Wing Foil

Kite Centre Zanzibar works with Fanatic Boardsports for our Wing Foil boards and foils. Fanatic is the leading brand on foils and boards and home of many champions of the foiling discipline.

Type of wing foil boards we use

At the Kite Centre, we currently offer 2 types of boards for our wing foil lessons and rentals. Unique in Zanzibar, we separate our rental and lesson gear. This means you get the best of both worlds, whether you are renting equipment or taking lessons. For the lessons, we use the fanatic Sky SUP with a 2000 front wing. This combination allows you to ride your first meters in no time. The big volume (125L) of the board ensures stability and the big front wing makes the foil want to rise at low speed. You have complete control over the foiling ability, which makes this combination an excellent option to begin your Wing Foil journey. For our rental, we offer the 95L board with a 1750 front wing. This setup is considerably more agile and makes turning and wave riding accessible. Want to know more about the boards and foils Fanatic has to offer? Check this link!

About Fanatic Boardsports

Boardriding since ’81

”Founded in 1981, our brand represents itself over three decades of history and an ongoing promise to you: to deliver quality, innovation, and service. Our reputation as one of the world’s leading watersports brands is built upon a resolute passion for the products we produce. Only the very best will do”.

The versatile Sky Sup by Fanatic Foiling. This board is used by Kite Centre Zanzibar as a Wing Foil board for beginners, due to the volume and ease of planing.

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