IKO way of teaching in Zanzibar

IKO way of teaching. What you learn in our Kitesurfing Lessons


The IKO way of teaching

What you will learn in our kitesurfing lessons 

At Kite Centre Zanzibar, we use the best way of teaching and all of our instructors are licensed by the IKO standard. This gives us the opportunity to teach with the high standards that the IKO requires from their affiliated schools and educated instructors. 

In this article, we will elaborate further on what you will learn in our kitesurfing lessons. This will set some expectations, thanks to the way of teaching we provide. It is an addition to our article from last week, you may have read it, about the Principles of Kitesurfing.

To reach one of the IKO kite levels and get your kite certification, we have to check and confirm your skills. After doing a course with us, you will find it easy to reach one of the levels. In practice, it comes down to focusing on a few points in order to reach the full level.

Our offer besides the IKO-standard beginner lessons

Beside the Kitesurfing Lessons for Beginners, we also offer Intermediate Kitesurfing Lessons so you can aim for better riding. Refreshing Lessons, where we do a quick recap on all the safety procedures and refresh your riding. You may want to book a Private Lesson so you have 100% focus on you. We recommend you doing this, if you want to progress as quickly as possible. Private lessons will be the right option for you when you have a specific goal in mind. A specific goal can be learning how to do a backroll, transition, your first jumps. Private lessons are also great for learning a complete new discipline, like directional boards or hydrofoiling.

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