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Jetty Jump | 

He jumped……people screamed…… and he landed safely on the other side… 

Spice Island, a relaxed resort, not far from our centre (3km) has a jetti in front of the hotel. This wooden platform is great to walk over. Have a cocktail on the end and watch the endless changing colors of the Zanzibari waters.

This day was different, Ruben and myself came over for a small photoshoot from the jetti and some kitesurfing. It was windy, not even sunny. Alex picked us up at the centre, we had some lunch and pumped the kite. 

Not really a plan, I walked around for the best angles to shoot. The wind was gusty, the beach was a bit covered by trees etc.  So around the jetti it was not perfect for kitesurfing, we had to be careful.. if the wind dropped while close to the jetty it could mean damaged gear and maybe more.. 

I launched Ruben and he went out on a 9m. People at the centre were kiting just before with a 7, but it’s better to have a bit more in the gusty bay.. 

Ruben went out, jumped one time, came back and screamed I am gonna jump over it!……whatttttt! We only made a joke about it because it was higher than expected and the conditions where very unstable, we concluded before. Probaly he felt it was good, and there he went… I didn’t even have time to set the camera in the best settings, hope for the best… 

He jumped……people screamed…… and he landed safely on the other side… 

After that we did the normal shoot, the wind wasn’t that good to even think about doing it again… 

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