Donate your old kite


Donate your old kite | 

Bring your old (broken) kite to Zanzibar

Donate your old kite to social platform JENGA and get a free laptop sleeve from you own old kite. The rest of the kite will be used for several new products. For example you can buy laptop and tablet sleeves to support the local entrepeneurs and artisians.

More about JENGA

Jenga is a social enterprise enabling local entrepreneurs and artisians to increase their sales. Jenga is committed to support them in order to improve the quality and design of their handicrafts. Also to help the local entrepreneurs to achieve financial independence. Jenga helps them develop their marketing and financial skills. 

Where to buy your JENGA product?

The products of Jenga are for sale all around Zanzibar. For example in Michamvi, across the famous The Rock Restaurant and in Bellevue Guesthouse in Bwejuu and at Mr Kahawa in Paje. Read more. 

What can I do? 

Get involved! Are you wondering what you can do to help the local community? We have some tips for you because there are several ways to support JENGA.
Volunteer as a trainer and help with for example: business administration, marketing. 
Donate items for the shops, like old kites but also paint and decoration materials.
Spread the word! This is most important, so let your network know by sharing this article by email or social media. 
– Got good product ideas? JENGA loves to hear from you for good product ideas that involve recycling and upcycling local materials. 

Read more about JENGA and visit their website! 

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